All the arias on LOVE & PRAYER speak of heartbreak, domestic violence, female suppression, sovereignty, loyalty, true love, motherhood, and supplication to a higher power of some kind. My own life has sometimes felt like an opera in itself, so I didn’t feel unqualifed to express these stories on an emotional level – which for me is just as important as being able to sing the music.
When I was starting my career as a soprano, I was not aware of any diverse British role models for me to identify with. All the legacy of singers I could reference were American. I therefore felt that it was important for me to share my voice and document my journey as a professional whilst making this art form more visible.

Over the last couple of years, each time I have given a recital, members of the audience have asked where they could buy one of my CDs. Someone even approached me and said “If your voice is not recorded – it would be a tragedy”. In 2017, I sang for Prince Jonathan Doria Pamphilj in Rome and he pointed out to me that it was important for me “to document my story as an artist, otherwise it would be lost in history”. Having now heard this suggestion twice, it felt like there was some kind of higher power talking to me and so I thought it best to act on it. Hence, with the support of my mentors, friends and audience members, this album has been created. I would not be here without their continued love and support.

LOVE & PRAYER was recorded at Abbey Road Studios in January 2018. If it had been up to me, this album would have been recorded with piano only as I was not sure if the size of the orchestra I could hire would provide the right musical balance for the arias that I wanted to sing. However, my manager introduced me to a special man called John Bakewell who brought together an incredible group of musicians. All outstanding players, ranging from 29 to 84 years of age, many of whom had been his colleagues from the Orchestra of the Royal Opera House. I feel very blessed and honoured.

Love and Prayer

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